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C. J. C | 20 | Tucson, AZ | Palouse,WA | Missoula, MT

some of my drawings from the zoo in St.Louis

꽃 처럼 한 철만 사랑해 줄 건가요?
Like a flower, will you only love me for one season?

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my grandparents are so cute!! my mom is so cute!! my brother is so cute!! even my stepdad is cute!! My dog is THE CUTEST!!  
ha ha!! I love my family!!

and actually i suppose my dad is cute too but we have issues so it is hard to unconditionally adore him like everyone else, but!! my family!! is a good one!!


Klaus Löwitsch, Welt am Draht (Engl: World on a Wire, 1973)

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